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In 2016, Seiko for the world launched the Presage series so many fans love the watch brand fans are very surprised that the series completely to the classic atmosphere of the mechanical timing of the main play, the intention is clearly want to attract those who are more inclined to Buy Swiss high-end watch watch enthusiasts. Just a few months time, Seiko’s Presage series will be occupied by the central stage of the brand market, which shows its popularity level. Now, Seiko once again brought a new small series – Presage Enamel, so that more fans to enjoy the table with excellent cost-effective enamel beauty.

Seiko’s watch series have their own corresponding positioning, not only contains a very sporty entry-level style, but also has a high-end level of excellent timepieces, and Presage series, the well-behaved in the non-slip Of the location, by virtue of the traditional tabulation norms, non-mechanical movement do not have the principle of classic retro design and relatively close to the people of the price, to attract the original more inclined to Swiss-made table fans, so a look, Presage series can really count on the brand’s personality is a very independent watch series.

Also in the 2016 Basel Watch Fair, Seiko launched the exquisite workmanship, the price of invincible 60th anniversary enamel / lacquer disc chronograph. Its carrying the brand self-made self-winding chronograph movement, with a hand-built large enamel enamel or lacquerware disk, slightly retro appearance, and less than the price of 17 … so excellent watches, it is estimated that Is the month to sell out. This is not, tasted the sweetness of the Seiko, put more energy, brought a new Presage Enamel, still by virtue of the same enamel dial, mechanical movement, classic appearance and close to the price, to attract more fans They went to chop hand.

Replica Seiko Presage SPB041J1 Multifunction Leather Man Silver
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Seiko Watches
#Part Number – SPB041J1
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Anti-Reflective Sapphire
#Display Type – analogue
#Case diameter – 40 millimeters
#Band Material – Crocodile leather
#Band Color – Brown
#Dial color – Silver
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 100 Meters

Replica Bell & Ross’s watch production has been an important reference in the field of professional aviation timepieces. Its iconic square watch was released in 2005. Today, the brand has further introduced the BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum, these two models of the menu to fulfill the performance of the highest efficiency of the mission, suitable for travel enthusiasts to wear.

Inspired by the modern minimalist package design
The new BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum are perfectly integrated into the Bell & Ross watch series. Travel is their passion, the best readability is their goal. Their case is designed in a modern style to reappear Bell & Ross’s iconic “round in the square”, reminiscent of the aircraft cockpit clock. Aesthetics, these watches use a very good design rules: “by the shape of the function induced.” Bao Hao Hao is the legendary German art school is the origin of the movement, characterized by a large number of right angles, clean lines and minimal decoration. As early as the 1920s, this movement established the basis of modern design. BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum are presented as an important heir to this avant-garde movement.

With the simple with its functionality
BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum are designed to follow the principles of industrial aesthetics. Its simple lines, based on a square case, emphasize the necessary elements. Each contemporary watch has a very clear character, and all are thought of the aviation field. BR03-92 Horograph reminds us of the clock at the airport terminal. Like them, the BR03-92 Horograph’s simple and clean display has a clear digital graphic dial. As for the BR03-92 Horolum, it reproduces the lighting code on the runway for day and night pilot pilots.

Their names are from the common roots “Horo”, from the Latin “Hora”, followed by “Graph” or “Lum”, from the Latin “Lumen”.

The purpose of the model watch is to tell the traveler with maximum clarity and accuracy. Its graphics are very fine, the screen is as strict as the airport clock.

Replica Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horograph Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Bell & Ross
#Item Shape – Square
#Dial window material type – Anti reflective sapphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Buckle
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Case diameter – 42 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 10 millimeters
#Band Material – Rubber
#Band length – Men’s Standard
#Band width – 24 millimeters
#Band Color – Black
#Dial color – Black
#Bezel material – Stainless steel
#Bezel function – Stationary
#Calendar – Date
#Special features – Water Resistant
#Movement – Swiss-Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 330 Feet…

New Year’s melting snow ushered in a romantic Valentine’s Day, warmer air to melt in the lovers intimate flute between. Love is the joy of sweet life bit by bit, it is quiet spend the years streamer. Swiss independent watch brand Oris in the Valentine’s Day is approaching, Zhen selected artist series watch, gift in the time journey affectionate hand in hand with the world lovers.

Over the past three years Oris regained its brand tradition and in 2016 began the introduction of high performance Oris Artelier Caliber 112 watch. 112 self-movement series has a leather strap and stainless steel strap two options, wine red belt watch section reveals the enchanting mixing of love, echoed with the elegant dial design, sketch a romantic and refined gentleman image. Hours and minutes of the second time zone are independently displayed on the dial at the 12 o’clock position of the watch. The upper and lower windows are used to distinguish the second time zone from day to night. During the day, the top sun window is white, below the moon window is dark; night is the opposite. Changes in the day and night manifested in the square between the dial, romantic love waves in the wrist of the time being.

As one of Oris’s most popular collections, the Oris Artist Collection was born in 2003. In 2016, this new Oris Artelier Caliber watches in adhering to Oris has always been refined aesthetics at the same time, showing a completely new design, the details of the processing technology is more exquisite ingenuity. In the 28mm between the exquisite dial, slim design with a stretch of streamline in the follow the simple style of the wind at the same time, silver-gray or smoky dial decorated with delicate and delicate twisted lines, rather Art Deco retro art of the wind; Of the 52 diamonds and mosaic in the scale of the 11 diamonds echoes, intertwined with a bright romantic romantic mixing.

As the Oris classic watches, Oris artist series in 2016 the new Oris Artist Observatory watches, with a contemporary design concept of remodeling the classic brand watches to Swiss watch the permanent value of tribute. The new style of table diameter 40mm, case made of stainless steel, slim streamline shape showing a classic fashion style, the traditional twisted stripe decoration makes simple and elegant in the sense of exquisite, Art Deco decorative arts style vividly wrist Of the inch between the silver-white disk with a rose gold pointer and retro style scale, like a breeze, as the romantic ripples blowing whispering couple.

28mm Oris Artelier Caliber watch also exudes a charming classic temperament. Scale on the 11 diamonds shine silver dial, reflecting the gentle elegance of mature charm. Valentine’s Day is a romantic snuggle, but also a long love confession, Oris Artelier watch will be innovative design process of honor among the traditional Swiss watch the value of long-lasting to the world’s lovers wish the warmth of the long stay wrist between heaven and earth .

Replica Oris Artelier Caliber 112 Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Oris
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Anti reflective sapphire
#Case diameter – 43
#Band Material – Leather
#Band Color – Gray
#Dial color – Silver
#Movement – Mechanical hand wind