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Ulysse Nardin as early as 1846 began to use superb skills to create a sailing bell, at least in the radio and GPS before the emergence of these two things, high-precision boat is essential to the important navigation navigation tools. At present, this Swiss-based Lectra watch brand is still creating a number of sailing astronomical bell style of excellence, but more for the classic heritage, rather than a practical tool to the mainstream. Of course this is not to say that the Athens table is no longer hot for the ocean, of course not, certainly not, definitely not, take a look at this new Replica Ulysse Nardin Marine Regatta Watch will understand.

The watch was supported by the Artemis Racing regatta during the R & D process, and as its name suggests, Marine Regatta, a highly sophisticated feature in the world of watches and clocks. For those who are not familiar with the rules of competition in the fierce competition rules fans, it is necessary to know that the race is not in place to start, but when the issue of gun signal sounded after the crew or the hull in the first target to the heading , Touched the route, that is, “set sail”, but if too early through this line, will be enough to eventually lead to a crushing defeat.

So within a few minutes before the start of the race, the referee will pass the flag signal so that the master knows the beginning of the countdown (usually 5 to 10 minutes), this time they should start from the route, and here is Replica Ulysse Nardin Marine Regatta Watch show yourself moments. In the most popular explanation, Marine Regatta Watch is a countdown timer that allows the captain to know at a glance how long the game will take place. This Athens watch is adjustable, just by pressing the button at 10 o’clock, the wearer can set the countdown function at any time between 1-10 minutes (the central 0-10 yellow scale Count Down Countdown ring). When the Marine Regatta Watch countdown function is activated, the central second hand together with the center minute hand (yellow arrow) will begin to run in reverse, and the practical readability is excellent. When the countdown reaches zero, the game starts, this time the second hand will immediately start moving clockwise, as the ordinary chronograph watch, the measurement run time up to 12 hours

This table is equipped with a new movement entirely by the Athens table to create their own, innovative place is amazing, elegant and concise at the same time clear. It is excellent function, in the more rare sailing competition class meter market, for people to bring more choices. In addition to the complex features of the complex, this model Cal.UN-155 self-winding movement can also provide 72 hours (3-day chain) power reserve, and is equipped with a silvery escapement.

In addition to the technical aspects of the characteristics, this table there are many elements related to the sea sailing. Its case size is 44mm, with a very sporty mouth of the coin-shaped bezel, huge buttons and integrated rubber strap, very consistent with the brand has been positioning. The crown is covered with a layer of rubber material, it is very easy to operate, the waterproof rating of 100 meters, more suitable for most non-diving sports occasions. The watch has two styles to choose from, one is the figure in the ocean blue dial, the other is a white disk, but to be honest, or blue models more obvious contrast, sports children are also more concentrated The

The Marine Regatta yacht chronograph is clearly not prepared for all the fans, because it has a complex function that seems to be somewhat “minor” to some extent, but it is definitely what we see Among the many watches, technology is amazing, the theme of the most useful one of the works.

Breitling, watch industry fanatical to the aviation field as the main design theme of the well-known watch brand, was a lot of favorite fans who are respected, this is not, in the 2017 Basel Watch Fair, the brand also announced to bring A new series of Colt Challenger series, as expected, once launched, it was immediately welcomed by many fans. This new timetable name is called Colt Skyracer days competing watch, still dressed in a very young body of the cool black coat it, whether in appearance or technology, are exudes a new generation of the trend of children, Not only that, it is Breitling’s entire product line among the most affordable price models.

The Colt Challenger series is one of Breitling’s most popular watch series, re-energized it is in the design, practical and cost-effective, etc., are indeed very outstanding. Today, the new Colt Skyracer watch, which has a Breitling patented Breitlight® case case, is equipped with a Swiss official observatory (COSC) certification, but its price is only 15,700 About RMB.

From its appearance and the details of the point of view, this new Breitling tactical watch is a “tool” for the design-oriented young sports Fan children dollars. The 45mm size case is made of Breitlight® material, a special alloy developed by the Breitling patent, 3.3 times lighter than Titanium, 5.8 times lighter than steel, but in terms of ruggedness But it is beyond the time. Although it is very light, but this material to create the case has a strong anti-scratch and corrosion resistance, can be used in almost any occasion of the environment.

The appearance of this Breitlight® case every time it seems to be reminiscent of the unique texture of the forged carbon, the rich and original black color, plus the huge size of the watch, will definitely make the wearer’s male style multiply. The watch is equipped with a black rubber strap to wear up feeling quite comfortable, and the overall combination of the case is also very commensurate, very highlights the vitality of the young atmosphere.

A small feature of this new watch is that the use of the rubber cover at the crown, how to say this design … a bit muddy, but it is like a crown, buttons and rotating bezel, etc. , Are often used to place, it is easy to wear, so such a look, Xiao Bian think this is Breitling in the process of making a little bit of improvement.

The watch is the use of black matte disk with the main color contrast obvious white time scale, the pointer covered with a layer of white SuperLuminova luminous material, regardless of day and night, can faithfully perform their duties. With its double-sided anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the new day-to-day watch in almost any environment can provide the best readability. In addition to the time display, there is also a calendar window at 3 o’clock.

This Breitling Colt Skyracer watch the interior is equipped with Cal.74 temperature compensation super quartz movement. This movement can provide 10 times higher than the standard quartz movement accuracy, and has COSC Swiss official observatory certification. Even if it is subject to external shocks or changes in temperature and other adverse effects, as long as the movement in the maximum limit can withstand the scope, it will be accurate operation.

Brand for this tactical watch is equipped with a black rubber strap, it is interesting that the strap in addition to be able to firmly “hold” the wrist of the wearer, its upper and lower half Also provided additional features. The upper half allows the wearer to measure the distance on some of the proportions of the map by means of it, while the lower half is like a ruler and can provide centimeters and inches of scale. Through the Breitling easy to dismantle the device, only a few seconds the wearer can take off the strap.

Replica Breitling Colt Skyracer Watch
#Caliber Breitling 74
#Movement SuperQuartz ™, thermocompensated quartz electronic, EOL indicator
#Calendar Dial aperture
#Case Breitlight®
#Back With screws
#Battery type / life CR2016 / 8 years
#Water resistance 100 m (330 ft)
#Bezel Unidirectional, ratcheted
#Crown Screw-locked, two gaskets
#Crystal Sapphire, glareproofed both sides
#Diameter 45.00 mm
#Thickness 13.15 mm
#Strap Rubber Skyracer
#Interhorn width 22/20 mm

An unexpected and refreshing surprise … no doubt, the dress table is not the strength of Omega, chronograph and diving table is. Indeed, in the elegant-based chronograph, the brand can provide a range of options is undoubtedly a short board. But now, Omega decided to change this situation, with a beautiful appearance of gentleman, the perfect proportion of body, texture completely loyal to the past excellent timepieces – the new Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia Watch, completely to change the watch fans have been Since the brand held by this view.

For the first time in history, most of the fans may know that the Omega Seamaster series because of its symbolic symbol “hippocampus” and defined since 1957, this iconic logo logo was engraved in the great Most of the Seamaster series of timepieces are on the back of the table. However, few people know the origin of this sign, and why Omega will use it. In a tour of Venice, Italy, a member of the Omega design department was shocked by the famous Gondola (Venetian ship) and its hulls on both sides of the hull of the hippocampus sculpture modeling, so, the Omega hippocampus Series of totem marks appear logical. Today, Omega, located in the Swiss Bill, in order to pay attention to this history, as well as the entire hippocampus series, launched a only in Venice … “exclusive sale” exquisite retro meter.

First of all, this new Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia watch looks very stunning, indeed, it looks with the current series of any one of the members are not the same, because most of them are sports style full of , The appearance of masculine diving table, such as the hippocampus 300 or the Ocean universe 600 and so on. However, when we look back at the early hippocampus series of timepieces will find, in addition to 1957 CK2913, many of which style design is very simple and stylish, and also very elegant.

This Omega hippocampus Edizione Venezia watch is the use of the traditional “Li Liqin” type case, from the figure we can see the surface of the use of drawing and polishing process consummate, and slim polished bezel a combination, It shows an unparalleled fine texture. Case size is only 39.5mm, for the dress table, and even Omega, the size is very appropriate, not too small, to meet the vast majority of men’s wrist. The theme of the design of Venice also extends to the spherical crown, this shape design and Venice St. Mark’s Cathedral is very similar to the dome. The watch has two styles to choose from, one is 18k Sedna gold case / brown leather strap models, the other is the steel case / black leather strap models.

The new Edizione Venezia watch design is also a kind of early hippocampus series of time to pay tribute: round dial, fine triangular time scale, leaf pointer and brand logo and so on. No matter what kind of style, stainless steel or Sedna gold, their time scale and the pointer, etc. are made of gold material, which is a kind of early hippocampus series often used in the combination. Slim, elegant, and still pure Omega range of children, we can see, Omega has once again awakened the long sleep of the DNA, in return to the origin of the road on the line of moving.

Since it is around the hippocampus theme, then the iconic hippocampus logo is certainly essential, but this time this Edizione Venezia watch table is no longer a solid metal bottom cover, but by sapphire crystal Glass, the hippocampus logo pattern is laser engraved way, placed in the middle of its position, and its below, it is for the entire table to provide power Cal.8801 type to Zhen astronomical movement. This movement can withstand up to 15000 Gaussian strong magnetic field environment, the use of coaxial escapement, equipped with a silky gossamer with no card count hairspring balance wheel, can provide 55 hours of power reserve.

Replica Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Omega
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Anti reflective sapphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – deployant-buckle
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Case diameter – 41.5 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 13 millimeters
#Band Material – genuine-leather
#Band length – Men’s Standard
#Band width – 20 millimeters
#Band Color – Brown
#Dial color – Black
#Bezel material – Stainless steel
#Bezel function – Stationary
#Calendar – Date
#Special features – Luminous
#Item weight – 16 Ounces
#Movement – Swiss automatic
#Water resistant depth – 500 Feet