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Mechanical watch industry in the late eighties after the rebirth, soon sought after by collectors. Tabulation process to be able to further development of glory, the charm of complex mechanical function is of course the most important, but the traditional craftsmanship and selection of valuable materials also contributed. Ruibao table in the history of the revival of mechanical watches has also played a pivotal role in the revival of the mechanical revolution in the new brand, which has been regarded as a number of qualifications of the backbone of the. Ruibao table to focus on promoting the mechanical watch technology as their responsibility, while adhering to innovation, the two complement each other, in the next years for the history of modern watchmaking write more moving chapter.

Personalization is the greatest luxury of our time. The Rainbow Artist Watch has been known in many ways for its distinctive character, as it is produced in a limited number of productions, each of which is almost always in limited edition. With the artist series, there is no doubt with the aesthetic taste and appreciation of the value of traditional handicrafts. If you want to get a unique handmade watch, Rainbow table artist series can now meet the wishes of custom watches. Custom watch can guarantee 100% unique, customers can choose their own enamel colors or design to bring the design dial pattern, you can also choose to modify the movement of the chi Lou pattern, or to the case set decorated with bright diamonds, all-round show real My personality.

Replica Chronoswiss Sirius Lion Special Editions

Sharing sadness can only halve the pain, but sharing happiness, especially with the animals to share the joy, you can double the pleasure. Chronoswiss in order to protect animals, in particular the production of a unique Sirius Lion Heart watch auction fund-raising, all proceeds donated to the Swiss “Animal Protection Fund.”

Sirius Lion Heart hand-carved platinum dial with exquisite silk pinnacle enamel lion pattern, artisans in the bottom bracket to outline the outline of the lion gold, and then fill in the multi-layer enamel color firing, next to a Swiss flag, bright Color with different light angle will produce subtle changes, filling the beasts of the king of the awe-inspiring; and lion shape drawn from the city of Lucerne is the most familiar landmarks lion like, and the Swiss watch table and the Lions just like a step away .

Table back the same wonderful, through the back of the crystal glass table shows the movement has fine hollow flower-like details of the decoration, to hand hollow, and table factory collection of ancient lathe manual Seiko carved, filling first-class level of technology.
Replica Chronoswiss Sirius Lion Special watches

Number: CH-6721RE-3

Case: the case consists of 21 polished / matte red gold components; screw-in polishing bezel set with one-sided anti-glare crystal glass table mirror; screw inlaid thread polishing the back side of the single-sided anti-glare crystal glass; Large crown; screw lugs assembly patented Autobloc system; water depth of 30 meters

Case size: diameter 44 mm, thickness 11.10 mm

Movement: ETA 6498 manual winding movement, hand hollow and engraving

Diameter: 36.60 mm

Thickness: 4.50 mm

Gem: 17 pieces

Balance wheel: Glucydur three arm balance wheel

Gossamer: Nivarox flat hairspring

Wobble frequency: 2.5 Hz

Power reserve: about 46 hours

Pointer: gold-plated steel pear-shaped pointer

Strap: crocodile leather strap